substitute for horseradish

horseradish is a root vegetable like potatoes that is filled with nutrition and can be cooked by various methods in various recipes to make delicious dishes but sometimes you are out of stock and cant get it in market also so the need for the substitute for horseradish arises which you can choose from below before you head out to buy them for making the recipes with them to mimic the taste of horseradish in them.

horseradish are spicy in taste and mainly used to make sauces, stews, soups, Scopus and other similar dishes. some people also like to make pickles out of them and enjoy them later with different dishes like garbanzo beans, hot dogs, tortilla rolls etc.

substitute for horseradish

horseradish substitutes and alternatives

brown mustard

brown mustard comes from the family of horseradish thus making it a good substitute for replacing horseradish in your dishes.

it comes from plant seeds whereas horseradish comes from plant roots so you can see some difference in taste but to get horseradish like hotness and taste you need to choose brown mustard which is hot and spicy and can give your similar taste like horseradish in your dishes. use ratio of 1:1 when replacing mustard paste with horseradish paste and also try other types of mustards to see if you like their taste as well in your recipes.


wasabi is a great alternative for horseradish due to similarity in taste profile. it is easy to get in your local supermarkets. the wasabi comes with mild flavor so you would require little extra when replacing it for horseradish. its color is green which is different than horseradish, so wont work if you don’t like green color in your recipes.

wasabi paste

wasabi pasta can also be used for substituting horseradish in lot of radish. it is green in color so it may not be favorable in many dishes but can work taste wise as it is mild and wont be a agent of overpowering taste in the dish.

black radish

black radish is black in color and can work as horseradish substitute. it has large when compared to normal red radish. it is crispy and crunchy when you bite it and flavors of hotness in taste which makes it great alternative to horseradish.

the spiciness and hotness of black radish resides in its skin so don’t remove remove it if you want your black radish to be hot else the spiciness factor would reduce without skin. the replacement ration for black radish with horseradish would be 1:1. if you want to know the method to freeze radishes at home then read our guide for the same.


daikon is also called as winter radish in many places and works as a great alternative for horseradish in all kinds of recipes. the flavor is mild with little bit tanginess in it. the hotness and peppery taste is also less when compared to other types of radishes.

daikon replacement for horseradish works great in soups, stews, veggies salad, keto dishes and other similar recipes. you can also eat it raw as snacks with salt and pepper or as side with grilled items or in various different salads like Mexican salads etc.


sauerkraut is made from cabbage and is sour in taste. it can be used to replace horseradish in may dishes which involves savory taste. soups, salads, sausages, hot dogs etc. taste good with sour taste of sauerkraut. it also has lot of health benefits so try it once to see if you like the flavor of the sauerkraut in your savory dishes in place of normal horseradish

horseradish sauce

if you don’t have horseradish with you then you can make use of horseradish sauce by buying from nearby store as its made from horseradish only so the flavor and taste would be almost same. it would little bit liquid like but works great in your dishes like soups, curries etc.

you can add one spoon at a time in the recipe to get best flavor and taste as per your requirement and preferences. it is made from horseradish root and you can add some sour cream, heavy creamy etc. to further enhance the taste of horseradish sauce.

you can also make horseradish sauce at home by mixing salt, sugar, vinegar and horseradish together. spices and herbs can be added to further enhance the flavor of the sauce at home


parsnip can also work as a horseradish in various food dishes like soups, salads and different broths. you can also make dishes in oven with it. it comes from plant root and has a unique taste. it is little bit sweet and physically looks like carrot in white colors. they both belongs to different family but can be used to replace each other.


Ginger can also be a viable option to choose and add to your recipes in place of horseradish. it gives a good taste to your meal, you can lemon juice with to further enhance the taste of meal. the overall taste is different from horseradish but it works as a replacement if you like ginger like taste in your recipes.

its taste can be harsh if added in access in your recipe so add gradually until to get your desired flavor in the dish. if you think it is not good for your recipe then you can choose any other substitute shared above for better flavor and taste.

Frequently asked questions

What does horseradish taste like?

Horseradish taste like spicy, hot, strong heat like taste can be felt when you bite it. its crispy to bite and can be also made in to pickles after adding vinegar to it.

What are horseradish nutrition values?

checkout horseradish nutrition facts and data shared in the chart given below

horseradish nutrition


Hope you like my collection of horseradish substitutes shared above to make your dish with them. let me know which substitute for horseradish like the most in your dishes to get best flavor. share this with your friends also to help them know the best substitute for horseradish to use in our recipes.

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