substitute for agave nectar and agave syrup

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we need to use sweeteners of all kinds to make recipes sweet ranging from drinks to food items that we eat like cakes, puddings, pies etc. due to the special flavor of some sweeteners you can also alter the taste of the dish and make them more tasty post addition of the sweetener. agave nectar is one of the popular natural sweeteners which is added to both drinks and food items to make them sweet and enhance their flavor.

it comes from agave plant and is popular in south American and Mexican regions. its taste cab described as little extra sweet from sugar but some plants also give mild liquid of agave nectar. its color can range from dark brown to light.

substitute for agave nectar

when you don’t have agave nectar in hand but want to make sweet dishes then the below given substitutes would help you get the work done and prepare a delicious recipe to enjoy with your friends and family.

Agave nectar substitutes and alternatives


honey is found everywhere easily and can be used as agave nectar substitute. it is sweet in taste and can used in all kinds of dishes and recipes including sweet and salty to complete the flavor perfectly.

make use of pure not which comes without adulteration to use in desserts, cakes, puddings and other recipes in place of agave when required. it is thicker than agave nectar syrup but you can replace it with equal quantity for agave nectar. add gradually in the dishes so that you get good flavor without making the food too sweet with honey.

To know about honey storage and its shelf life checkout out post on it for better understanding of honey and its storage.

Maple syrup

maple syrup is quite common sweetener used in many homes across the world on variety of dishes including frozen chocolate shakes, pan cakes etc. this is a good alternative for agave nectar due to its sweet taste and texture similarities with agave nectar.

some people also use it on salty food items like maple fish platter, maple bacon chips etc. you it in moderation gradually to get best taste from the dish. you can use equal amount of maple syrup to replace the agave nectar ins dishes of your choice but weight watchers mind it has lot of calories in it, so keep the quantity in check

Brown rice syrup

it is another good alternative to agave nectar the higher glycemic index of brown rice seems to be on higher end when compared to agave nectar but lower than normal sugar. it can be used in all kinds of dishes where agave nectar is used.

brown rice syrup sweetness is not intense as agave nectar so it would be required b you to add more when replacing the agave nectar in recipes to get similar taste and make a good dish in the end. it can be added to cold desserts like puddings, custards, cakes and hot deserts like milk shakes, hot brownies etc. to get good taste from them.

Corn syrup

corn syrup can be termed as yet another alternative to agave nectar due to its sweetness in taste. many people use it to make sweet candies and similar desserts for kids at home. to get the balance in taste you can boil the syrup in 1:1 ration with white sugar and corn syrup and your candies would turn out to be great having delicious flavors inculcated in them with these corn syrup. you can keep adjust the portion of corn syrup and sugar in sweet candies if you like less sweet and want to protect your kids teeth from unwanted cavities.


we all have sugar with us in our pantry and it is cheap too, so it can be used as agave nectar substitute without any issue in all kinds of dishes including drinks, desserts, sauces etc. to make them tasty and sweet with sugar crystals or sugar powder which can be made by blending it in mixture.

since sugar comes after processing so it is more potent in sweetness and taste that’s why i would recommend that you use about 1/3 times the sugar of agave nectar to replace it in dishes i.e. for every one cup agave nectar replace it with 1/3 cups of sugar in the recipe. you can add some extra liquid like water, oil, milk etc. to mix and blend the sugar complete in the recipe for good taste.

you can also use normal sugar solution as an alternative for agave nectar. it can be made by mixing sugar in water and then boiling it until it dissolves completely in water to use later in drinks, desserts dressings shakes, juices etc. to make them sweet. it is quite popular in restaurant and juice parlors as they use it to make the tangy fruit drinks sweet with this syrup instantly. it can be stored in fridge for later use for about 2-3 months without any issue.

Sugar free Substitute for Agave Nectar

if you want some sugar free alternatives to agave nectar then we have those also listed below to add in your dishes and make them tasty without adding too much sugar or calories in your diet while eating them,

Coconut Nectar

coconut nectar is yet another alternative to agave nectar which seems to be in sugar free category as it comes from tree and has very mild traces of natural sweetness which enhances the taste of your recipes and drinks. lot of people like it because of it taste and health benefits.

it is easy to get in any nearby market and is cheap. you can also make many items from it at home without any issues like coconut milk, coconut puddings, coconut pies, coconut milk shake, coconut yogurt mix etc. it can also be used to make pound cakes, coconut cookies, muffins and other similar items.

my favorite coconut dessert is coconut barfi, try it once as its simple to make and requires very less ingredients, you and your kids will love it too. I have also written about coconut milk alternatives to checkout if you like coconut and its products.

Fruit syrup

fruit syrup can be termed as natural alternative to agave nectar that you can make in your kitchen when don’t have any choice left to replace agave nectar. all you need to do take some fruits of you choice and blend it with some water and your syrup cum smoothie is ready to replace the agave nectar in your drinks. you can strain the syrup for fruit pulp to get a more thin and versatile syrup to use in even recipes.

the sweetness and taste of this syrup would depend on the types of fruits you choice, it can range from mild sweet to extrema sweet and tangy and citrusy in between. it is healthy, rich in fiber and artificial sugar free in nature so you can enjoy it with weight water friends also in all kinds of drinks and recipes like fruit cakes, fruit latte etc.

Artificial sweeteners

they are very popular in drinks category as people at home and companies also use them to in soda drinks, energy drinks and other fruits based and milk based drinks to give them a taste as per the requirement. they are used in place of agave nectar whenever required.

they have low calories so some people like them but some not as they may leave a after taste in the drink which might be not good for some peoples taste buds to enjoy. so its use totally depends on personal choice and preference of the user in recipe of his choice.

Blackstrap Molasses

blackstrap molasses which are free from Sulphur can also be used as agave nectar substitute. it is thick in texture and comes with very distinct taste. it is natural sweetener full of useful vitamins and minerals for our body making it a good item to consume if you don’t have agave nectar without but you can get this from market.

it will make your recipes taste good without compromising your health and body fitness at all. so use it once and enjoy your dishes with different than usual taste with blackstrap molasses.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between agave nectar and agave syrup?

their is no difference between these two. so the above alternatives for agave nectar can also serve as agave syrup substitute to use when your agave syrup is absent from the kitchen self. the organic agave which is used to make these comes from organic blue agave plant. you can make both of these using same process. only sometimes the company labels them differently to play with the minds of people and sell more product eventually by altering the consistency of the nectar and syrup differently.

Can i use golden syrup instead of agave nectar?

golden syrup can be used is agave nectar substitute but only in moderation because it seems to be little sweeter in taste than agave nectar. it has little bit buttery and citrus like flavor to it and can be used to make cakes, pastries, desserts etc. it is made by mixing sugar, water and citric acid or lemon juice or vinegar in small quantity to make your loved golden syrup. it is easy to make that’s why is serves as alternative to many sweeteners including agave nectar at home.


hope you like our collection agave nectar substitutes to use in your favorite dishes and recipes for making them sweet when you don’t have agave nectar at home. let me know which one of the above shared alternatives you like the most and why. Also let me know which dish you prepare the most with agave nectar so i can also try and share it with readers of this site.

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