rosemary substitute and alternatives

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Rosemary is very popular herb that people use across the world to transfer their dishes from bland to tasteful in minutes. it strong aroma and distinctive taste make it very unique. it is used in making variety of dishes ranging from sauces to non veg and different veg dishes.

The main point while using it is that it should be used in adequate quantity and right pairing of different spices as right combination with right quantity of rosemary can do wonders to a dish and reverse is also possible to ruin your tasty dish.

It is found everywhere but some times you cant get it when you need the most that’s when you can use one of the substitutes shared below to make the dish and keep every happy in home with your delicious recipe.


Rosemary substitute and alternatives for tasty cooking

Bay leaf’s

it is one of the popular alternative to use when rosemary leaves are not available. it comes distinct aroma and little bit sweet taste which gives the recipe a good taste while eating. it comes from asian origin but now days it has become quite popular across the world. to further enhance the flavor of food when adding bay leaf’s, it is advised that you also add little bit thyme along with pinch of peppermint and you will get overall great taste in the dish.

when buying from super market buy dried bay leaves but if you are using fresh ones make sure you dry them in sun to reduce the bitter taste of them. they comes with lot of health benefits and nutrients in them as you can use to them control issues like diabetes, lung issues and heart issues due to the presence of selenium, iron, calcium and many more useful nutrients in them for out body.


this plant mainly grows in Egypt and Greece areas but now days farmers across the world have started growing it due to its popularity. it can be used as a great substitute for rosemary. it is little bit peppery in taste and give aroma similar to lemon and eucalyptus plants.

it is popularly know as seasoning herb across many homes in different parts of the world. you can add it to all kinds of dishes like salads, marinades, grilled items, tortillas, curries, egg dishes etc. you can add it fresh or dried but most people like to add in dried form which you can get easily from any super market as it gives strong aroma and better taste.

some companies also use it in soaps and perfume bottles and essential oil making to enhance the aroma of the product. it comes with iron, vitamin A, B, calcium etc. it possesses many useful properties for out body like anti bacterial, any inflammatory etc. to boast our immune system and keep us healthy if we consume it in our food recipes.


Savory grown in summer is called summer savory and is known as a substitute for rosemary. it comes from Romanian origin and is used in many Canadian dishes. it can be added to lot of other dishes as well like scrambled eggs, chicken, lentils, curries, while preparing home cooked breads etc. it can be used on salads as well and wherever you need to garnish some dish. some people also add it while making sauces and marinades for grilling as it enhances the flavor.

It possesses vitamin A, B6 along with iron, calcium and other useful nutrients. people use for its antiseptic properties and powers to help with sore throat, digestions and similar issues. it can be bought from your local grocery super market in small plastic container or you can grow in your pots and backyard easily to use it as a rosemary alternative.


it is a spicy kind of alternative to rosemary and have smell similar to licorice. it is native to America but used across the world. it is mainly used in making French dishes and sauces. you can make use of dried as well as fresh tarragon for getting the desired taste in the recipe however the amount of tarragon used in both the scenarios should be different due to the level of taste it gives.

example 1/4 spoon of fresh tarragon would be enough to replace 1 spoon of dried tarragon, so you got it how much to use and when to use in right quantity to get the best taste of it in your recipe. it is advised to use it in less quantity then add more if required because it comes high strength in taste and excess can over power your dish easily.

it can be easily found in super markets and grocery stores and should be consumed in small amount of time as after some time it may start losing it flavor and taste. to store it safely make sure you put it in air tight container and keep it in fridge.

you can mince it in small size with right type of knife and add to soups in slow cooker, salads, marinades etc. as garnish. it possesses copper, iron, vitamin A,C etc. also it comes with properties to help you deal with issues like low appetite, high blood sugar etc.

Dried rosemary

if you don’t have fresh rosemary then you can also make use of dried rosemary in little bit less quantity to get the taste of rosemary as dried one is concentrated and is required less to replicate the taste of fresh rosemary. eg. for 1 spoon fresh rosemary you need to have 1/4 spoon dried one to get the same taste, rest you can adjust as per your taste liking.

you can also dehydrate fresh rosemary after plucking it from backyard or getting from neighbors yourself at home in herb dehydrator to use it in your dishes and store for long time as dried rosemary have long shelf life.

you can get dried rosemary in plastic container from your local super market and it possesses same benefits like fresh rosemary including help with blood pressure issues, knee pain etc.

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hope you like our rosemary substitute list shared above to make the delicious recipe with these alternatives even when fresh rosemary is not available in your house or nearby market.

do share this with your friends who love to experiment with different herbs and spices while cooking to get a different taste prospective as they will really like these in their unique dishes. if you want to add some more substitutes which you use when getting rosemary is not a viable option then let us know in comments below and we will share with our audience too.

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