coconut milk substitute and alternatives

Coconut milk is very tasty food resource made from coconuts, you can find it in market shops in small packets or make at home but some times it happens that you wont be able to get it anywhere when you require it urgently to made a delicious recipe then you need to opt for some kind coconut milk alternative to use that’s why here in this post we have shared some of the coconut milk substitutes which can be made at home or bought from market easily.

coconut milk substitute

coconut milk substitutes for food making

1. Almond milk

Almond milk is popular choice of milk than can be used as coconut milk alternative. it comes with thin consistency and is light to drink. to increase its thickness you can add corn starch in small quantity and it will become thick. you can also add 1/2 spoon coconut oil in the mix if you have it to get similar flavor just as coconut milk in whatever recipe you use it with.

2. soy milk

Soy milk emerges as one of the top dairy free contender for coconut milk substitute which can be used in vast types of recipes where coconut milk is required. soy milk also comes with thin consistency so as to make thick like coconut milk you can add 1 spoon corn starch and it will become great for using in place of coconut milk.

soy milk image

3. oat milk

oat milk is less popular alternative to coconut milk due to its thin consistency and no great flavor which one gets from coconut milk. but can be mixed with coconut oil and corn starch to make it rich in taste like coconut milk. it is cheap and easily available so if you don’t have coconut milk then you get this from nearby store to make the recipe easily.

Making oats milk is very easy, all you need to do is take about 1-2 cups of oat and then soak them for few hours then strain the water and blend the oats with fresh water, about 3-5 cups in a blender. you can adjust the quantity for water as per your liking for thickness of milk. then strain the milk using muslin cloth and anything similar to get tasty milk in the bowl or jar, then use it in different recipes as an substitute for coconut milk in various recipes. you can add salt/vanilla essence or any sweeteners like sugar, dates, stevia, jaggery etc. for taste as per your preference. although i like it plain without salt and sugar to use it in all kinds of recipes like savory recipes and sweet recipe without any issues in absence of coconut milk.

4. coconut cream

coconut cream can also be used as coconut milk alternative. to make the coconut cream at home you need to mix shredded coconut in 4 parts along with 1 part of normal water and mix then fully for 4-5 minutes. you can also use stand mixer for even mixing of the 2 ingredients.

coconut cream

to make a perfect coconut milk alternative with coconut cream once its made you need to take about 2 spoons of thick cream and then add 100 ml orĀ  3 /4 cup of water to it and mix then it will become thin having consistency similar to coconut milk, you can adjust the amount of cream and water to make the consistency as per your liking and preference.

coconut cream is different from cream of coconut as you may have read at some places because cream of coconut is coconut cream mixed with some of the sugar to be used as dessert icing on various different types desserts including cakes, cream rolls, pastries etc.

5. Coconut milk made at home

If you are unable to find canned coconut milk from market to use it in your recipes then i would recommend that you make your own coconut milk at home from coconut flakes which you can get from nearby fruits store or just purchase a tender coconut and makes flakes your self with peeler in your kitchen.

to make coconut milk from the shredded coconut, you need to take 1.5 cups of shredded coconut flakes along with 4 cups of water in a mixer/blender and then blend it fully until done, then with the help of strainer cloth/normal strainer filter the water from the coconut pulp and put it in a container.

making coconut milk at home with fresh coconut is best thing to have but only possible if you live in area where you can get coconuts easily and cheap, so try it out if you get a chance.

6. yogurt

You can also use unsweetened unflavored Greek yogurt in place of coconut milk when you cant get it. it add creaminess and nice texture to all your recipes and curries.

if you want to 250 ml of coconut milk you can take 240 ml of thick curd along with 10-20 ml of water in it to make it of smooth consistence. keep in mind that Greek yogurt is little bit tangier so you can also choose plain yogurt is you like similar taste like coconut milk.

7. cashew cream

Cashew cream is made after blending soft water soaked cashews and adding water to get the right consistence as per your requirements. it is smooth and has similar texture and taste to coconut milk that’s why it makes good alternative for the coconut milk.

Cashew Cream

Cashew cream can be stored for 7 days without any issue in your fridge for use in different recipes when you don’t have any kind of other alternatives for coconut milk present in your kitchen. it gives nice creamy rich flavor in whatever dish you add it in.

It is low on calories but has some fats which makes it creamy, you can use 1 spoon of cashew cream which has almost 1 gram of protein packed in it with 100 ml of water to make a good substitute for coconut milk, rest quantities can be adjusted as per your taste preference.

you can use it in thick soups, curries, tofu recipes, cottage cheese recipes, drizzle for salads, in smoothies, for making nut butter, for making different variety of sauces and dips. you can add some garbanzo beans, herbs like parsley, rosemary thyme etc. to blend them all together with cashew cream for making a nice tasty dip for various dishes like nachos, grilled food etc.

8. normal milk

If you don’t want to buy coconut milk but have normal milk at home then you can also use it in your recipe to make it more creamy and delicious, to get little bit coconut flavor you can add a spoon of coconut oil and then its good to go.

Full cream milk is more creamy so instead of using skimmed milk use full cream milk for making coconut milk substitutes.

9. sour cream

sour cream can be also used as alternative to coconut milk. it is tangy in flavor so it is advised to use in less quantity or dilute it water or normal milk. it goes well in all types of recipes ranging from tart making to curries and soups in cooker.

10. heavy cream

Heavy cream is great for using as coconut milk alternative but is thick in nature so you need to add little bit water for dilution. you can dilute it with 2:1 ration for cream to water for getting right type of consistency.

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Hope you liked our collection of coconut milk alternatives and substitutes shared above to use in your daily recipes and food preparations. if you want to add something to this list then comment below and share it with friends who like to make different food items daily as it may be helpful for them. you can also make coconut milk ice cream from coconut milk. to know more about ice cream making in ice cream maker and time for making it checkout out this post on ice cream freezing time on our website.

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