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Celery is very popular vegetable that is used in many dishes and eaten in salad also as its healthy but some people don’t like to eat celery due to its distinct and strong flavor and some times you don’t have it in your kitchen when you require it the most, so at that time you need to have some kind of celery alternative in kitchen which can be added to your dish to give it great flavor and get the work done of celery.

celery substitute

celery is rich in antioxidant which we all know helps to kill free radicals in our body and strengthens our immune system and contains lot of other essential nutrients also. a medium size cup of small knife chopped celery pieces contains about 2 grams fiber, 15-20 calories energy along with 3 grams carbs and a gram of sugar in it.

celery also helps with issues like inflammation and digestion to keep your body working fine.

Below we have shared some of the popular food items which can be used as celery substitute and are commonly found in your kitchen. some of then can be used in one dish and other one some other to get best flavor so don’t mix all in one and try different alternatives in recipes to find out which one suits best for your taste as celery alternative.


leeks comes with stronger flavor and it can be used in different soups and liquid dishes to give a distinct flavor to the dish when celery is not present in kitchen. it somewhat taste like mild onions. you can chop them in small pieces to add to your dish to get the right flavor without it over powering the dish.

Bok choy

It is one of the of the popular celery alternative in Asian countries. it comes in shape of long cabbage like leaves with small bulb at bottom.

It comes with lot of essential vitamins like A,C etc. mainly it contains about 90+ percent of water in it. it has low carbohydrate content which makes it great option for salads, veggies stir fry and similar dishes when you tend to eat food which is low in carbs content.

Celery seeds

celery seeds are mainly used as a dry herb in various dishes to give a good flavor. they comes in whole in packet or a powder form from the super market to add to your dishes when you don’t have celery with you. it can be added to soups, curries, chicken fry, vegetable fry using induction cooktop and other different dishes to make them taste better without fresh celery.


celeriac comes with strong and nutty flavor which makes it a perfect for celery replacement. it has very distinct appearance with leaf at top and blob at bottom. you can mash the bottom and serve a side dish or use leafy part as celery replacement by chopping them in small form.


it comes from Mexican origin and is crunchy and starchy from inside in nature. some people also consider it as Mexican potato or yam. it is great to be used as celery alternative in salads and side dishes as it possesses somewhat sweet and nutty flavor in it.

fennel stalks

fennel stalks comes with strong taste when used without cooking but once used while cooking recipes the taste become milder and fine so it is advised to use when you need to add celery to dishes while cooking and you don’t have it then fennel stalks would work great as a substitute.

water chestnut

it is popular in asian countries as celery replacement especially in stir fry vegetable dishes, variety of soups and other dishes. overall its not that popular as celery replacement but can be used for one if situation demands for one. they mainly grow in paddy fields, small ponds and lakes. they are sought of small aquatic vegetable but not a nut from anywhere.

they are crunchy and somewhat tasteless to eat, some time it is sweet but not too much. it has low sodium content with low calories and are fat free with no cholesterol in them. iron and vitamin c content is them is good in quantity.


it is high fiber, low carbs and water rich alternative for celery that is eaten a snacks with salt or used as celery alternative in various dishes and salads. it is mild bland and sweet in flavor so everyone can eat without any. it does not give any substantial flavor to the dish but would work great in salads etc. people in west dip it in vinegar and call it pickle.

green apple

green apple in crunchy with somewhat sweet and sour flavor to act as a replacement for celery. you can consume it any it, even in breakfast or as evening snack to get some good nutrition from it. fiber content in them is more in them when compared to red apples but carbs and sugar content is less than red apples.

it also contains pectin in it which is a good fiber source and works as a prebiotic to keep the gut health in good shape.


carrot is yet another replacement for celery which comes with little bit sweet and bland taste and can become soft upon boiling in water for some time to enjoy is a snack by chopping it in small pieces and enjoy with salt, pepper and herbs on it or with simple veggie dip. it is crisp and crunchy like celery so it can be eaten raw also if you like it as snack.

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hope you like our collection of celery substitutes to use when you don’t have celery at home. so try these celery alternatives and let us know how they taste as celery substitute. if you want to add some more celery substitute to our list then comment below

share this with your friends also who love to eat green veggies like celery as they will like to try celery substitutes also to keep their body fit and taste buds satisfied. you can also see our collection of rosemary substitutes to use when rosemary container is empty in the kitchen.

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