outdoor gas grills review with must read FAQS

Grilling is an excellent alternative to frying your food in the frying pan. Grilled foods tend to have less grease and also taste better. The experience of grilling is also another thing to look forward to. Grilling on one of the best outdoor gas grills shared below provides an opportunity to bond with family and friends.

But what if you love to go camping and traveling with friends? A typical charcoal grill may not be the best option because of its large size and inflexibility.

A better alternative, therefore, is a portable gas grill. These grills are reputed for their convenience as they can be used indoor as well as in outdoor environments. These grills will certainly serve you well on outdoor trips, helping to transfer the experience you have in your backyard to virtually anywhere you go.

Are you guys in hurry and want to buy the best grill with only little wandering on the web then check 10 best gas grill given below and click on the link to buy with discount else scroll down to read full reviews about these outdoor grills and gas grills.

1. Weber Spirit E-210 Propane Gas Grill

The Weber’s Spirit E-210 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill comes with visible features which reveals how much it has been reimagined from the previous models. The control panel has been moved to the front and the two stainless steel tables can easily be folded down allowing for easy maneuverability and storage plus a boon for grillers with small balconies, decks, or patios.

Although compact, the BBQ has enough room to cook 20 pounds of roast meats, turkey, and vegetables, all at the same time. It comes in porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates which offer superior heat retention and allows for easy clean up.

The porcelain-enameled cast-iron won’t rust, peel, or fade. It features an electronic crossover ignition system which lights the two burners with just a touch of the igniter button and an easy-to-read fuel gauge that notify you of your fuel level at all times.


1. Two durable stainless steel burners with 26,500 total BTUs per hour which delivers intense heat and performance
2. Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates allow food to be cooked evenly
3. It comes with an electronic crossover ignition system that allows for quick and easy startups
4. It features a front center-mounted thermometer which allows for consistent cooking temperatures
5. It has four heavy-duty front and back swivel casters which allows for easy mobility
6. It features two stainless steel fold-down tables that comes with an integrated tool hooks which allow for easy access to your grilling tools


1. It is durable
2. It is easy to assemble
3. It is easy to clean
4. It can distribute heat evenly
5. It is sturdy and gives evidence of superior craftsmanship
6. It has a great price-to-value ratio
7. It is very easy to use
8. It can fit in a small area
9. it shows you the remaining fuel at all times


1. It comes with only two burners which some people consider not to be enough

2. Blackstone 1554 Propane Gas Griddle Station Outdoor Flat Top Grill

The Blackstone 36in. Griddle Cooking Station allows you to cook a variety of food in minutes. It has a thick cold rolled steel griddle surface which is excellent for steaks, pancakes, veggies, hamburgers, fried rice etc, the possibilities are endless. It has four independently controlled steel burners that allows you to cook multiple items at the same time, hence controlling the cooking experience.


1. Cook small or big:
Regardless of whom you wish to cook for, either your family or the whole neighborhood, the Blackstone Outdoor Grill Griddle Station has your covered. It has four solid stainless steel burners that allows you to set four different cooking zones. This is ultimate versatility to cook any meal of your choosing.

2. Secure footing:
It comes with four industrial strength caster wheels which gives it easy movement as you take it from place to place. When you move it to where you want it to be you can lock the two locking caster to keep it secure in one place.

3. Get started quickly:
You don’t need a fuss ignition, it features an electric push button igniter which allows for a fast start every time.

4. Adjustable heat zones:
It has a four adjustable heat zones that allows for a versatile cooking surface, giving you the option of cooking several foods at once without burning any. You also have the option of keeping certain foods warm while you cook others.

5. Versatile:
The griddles are not just for breakfast or stir-fry, they can be used to cook any and everything from steaks to fish and vegetables. When you use the flat top to cook, not only will you retain all the flavor and juices in your food you will still be able get that sought after crisp whenever you want which makes it the best outdoor grill griddle combo for many people across the world.


1. It is large and with a flat cooking surface
2. It has four controllable heat zones
3. It has a durable construction
4. It features a quick startup mechanism
5. It has a lockable and stable caster wheels


1. It can be quite difficult to clean
2. The grease drain construction is not foolproof

3. Dyna-Glo 36,000 BTU propane Gas Grill

If you wish to take your grilling to the next level of performance then the Dyna-Glo will help you to perform that. This grill will equip your deck or patio with a durable and high-performing cooking system that you can use to satisfy family and friends for years.

It would certainly make your neighbors envious. It is designed to fit on smaller patios and decks, helping to provide the style, high-performance, efficiency that cooks come to expect when they invest in an outdoor grill.

It is made from stainless steel and has 507 inches of cooking space. It has three stainless steel tube burners each providing 12,000-BTU and are protected by enameled steel heat tents that distribute heat evenly.

The burners are controlled by dials which helps to regulate heat temperature and customize it according to the preference. They can be activated by an electric pulse ignition.


1. Ample prep and workspace:
The grill comes with side tables which are made from powder-coated steel and are apt for resting containers and plates as you grill. Each of these side tables can support weights of up to 25 pounds and comes with integrated tool hooks and towel bars that offers even more space.

2. Heavy duty surface:
It features cast-iron grates which is able to retain heat and a porcelain-enameled finish which transfers this heat directly to the food. This makes it ideal for searing and locking in food natural juices. The grill’s high-gloss and black finish makes it quite easy to clean and maintain.

3. Total control:
It comes with an easy-push Electro-Pulse ignition that ensures quick start-up and has a chrome-plated, infinite setting control valve.

4. Compact design:
The grill has collapsible side tables which frees up more space when the grill is not in use. The grill compact design gives it maximum cooking power with a minimal footprint.

5. Temperature control:
It comes with a built-in stainless thermometer which ensures accurate temperature control plus an easy to read gauge which helps in achieving a perfectly cooked meal.


1. It comes with a temperature gauge
2. It is easy to assemble
3. It has lots of control valve
4. It has a stainless lid
5. It is easy to clean
6. It is durable
7. It has a space saving design
8. It retains heat quite easily


1. It is quite expensive
2. It is not big enough for some people

4. Fuego F24C Professional Propane Gas Grill

The Fuego Professional Grill is designed based on the award-winning Fuego Element design with more user-friendly features. It features a non-marking industrial caster which ensures smooth and stable roll as you move your grill around your patio.

It has a perfect door clasp which keeps the front panel closed securely, so you won’t have to be disturbed by those annoying rattles that characterize other grills. The bottom of the fire bowl in the grill has been removed allowing cooking debris to drop straight into the residue tray, making it easy to clean up.

It has the same Dual-Zone burner system as the previous model but with increased BTU up to 26,500BTU/hr, which makes 500 degrees Fahrenheit in 5 minutes as easy as possible.

Aside from the boast in BTU, there is also a boast in primary grilling area of 415 sq. in. and a 110 sq. in. warming rack, giving a combined grilling surface of 525 sq. in. large enough to cook 20 burgers at once which makes it the best gas grill under 500.

All of these was achieved while maintaining a small 24 in. x 24 in. footprint with the lid closed. The lid also comes with hood hinges at a 45 degree angle, saving you the headache of having to reach over hot fire as is obtainable in most gas grills.


1. Versatile 45 degree hinged lid:
Aside from saving you the headache of reaching over hot fire, the hood also acts as a wind breaker for those windy days that you have to cook outdoor. The 9 inches of grilling height below also makes it perfect for one or three beer can chicken.

2. Easy assembly:
The grill is tremendously easy to assemble. All you need is a boxcutter and a Phillips screwdriver and you are good to go. With the use of just 20 fasteners, you will be ready to grill in no time.

3. Compact:
It can easily fit any balcony or patio. Also, the casters makes it easy to maneuver around your backyard.

4. Convenience:
It is quite easy to use. It would only take you about five minutes to preheat the grill to 500F, excellent temperature for searing steak.

5. Powerful:
It features concentric burners that gives you the ability to cook over direct or indirect heat with overall temperature ranging from between 250-700F.

6. Sleek design:
It has a sleek design which allows the unsightly propane tank to be hidden beneath the grill, where it would rest on the tank hook.

7. Warranty:
The grill grate plus other components come with a one year warranty.


1. It has a compact base with minimal footprint
2. It preheats pretty quickly and efficiently
3. It has large drippings cup
4. It is easy to assemble
5. It comes with a 45 degree doomed lid which guarantees safety and offers consistent heat


1. It isn’t too good for tall food
2. It is slightly under in terms of warranty
3. No natural gas conversion available
4. Dual temperature zone is difficult to use

5. Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro 40,800-BTU outdoor Gas Grill

The Char-Griller Grill’ Pro Gas Grill offers 438 sq. in. of primary grilling surface plus a 192 sq. in. of warming rack. It has three stainless steel burner tubes which generates a total of 40,800 BTU’s, thats the reason lots of its buyer has termed it the best gas grill under 300.

There is also a 12,000 BTU side burner. The grill has a heavy-steel construction, porcelain coated cast iron grates, stainless steel thermometer, dual stacks for even heating, and an electric igniter probe each of the burner.


1. Durable steel construction:
It comes with a durable steel and powder coated for longevity outdoors. It weighs less than 100 pounds and comes with attached wheels which makes it easy to move around the yard.

2. Convenient propane cooking:
You don’t have to wait for your grill to get hot. All you have to do is light the grill with an electric ignition and the 40,800 BTU grill can get to work.

3. Plenty of grill space:
It features 438 sq. in. of primary grill space plus an additional 192 sq. in. warming rack. It has a side shelf which gives it a convenient workspace and side burners for added versatility. The Char-Griller gives you the capacity to grill your steak and cook your side dish all at the same time.

Other features include;
– Hood mounted thermometer
– AA battery electronic igniter
– Porcelain cast iron cooking grates


1. It is an inexpensive full-feature grill
2. It is a heavy construction when compared to the price


1. It has weak plastic wheels
2. Internal components have lower quality
3. Assembly can be complex and difficult

6. Coleman Propane standup Portable Gas Grill

The Coleman RoadTrip standup Propane Grill shows you off as a grill master and saves you from stress of handling heavy, bulky backyard beasts. It is absolutely easy to move around and set up.

All you need do is fold it up, roll it with one hand to your desired cooking spot and have it set up in a matter of seconds using the built in lift and lock system. The grill is built with durable cast iron grilling surfaces.

It features a matchless lighting system. This allows you to just push a button when you are ready to grill. You are able to cook for more than one hour on a single propane cylinder with about 20,000 BTUs of power.

It is perfect for BBQs, camping, picnics, a night on a patio. And when you want to leave all you need to do is fold it down to fit in the back of your car trunk.


1. Dual burners:
It comes with two independently adjustable burners which gives you precise control, two temperature zones, and more than 285 square inches of cooking surface. This delivers a total of 20,000 BTUs of grilling power.

2. Portability:
Its collapsible stand plus wheels allows it to be transported with ease and also allows for easy storage. It has a low profile lid, this means it can fit quite easily into most car trunks.

3. Sliding side tables:
It features two side tables that helps you to keep tools and ingredients handy. The sliding tables are found on either side of the grill and slide out of the way for compact storage.

4. Cast iron grates:
It features two porcelain-coated cast iron grilling grates that are easy to clean, durable, and interchangeable with other cooktops allowing for greater versatility.

5. Removable drip tray:
This offers easy cleaning with less spillage. In order to prevent heavy buildup of debris, it is advisable that this tray be cleaned periodically.


1. It can be setup quite easily
2. A great appliance for camping
3. You can grill all through the year
4. It can be powered with propane gas


1. The grilling capacity is limited
2. Wind can sometimes pose a problem

7. Megamaster 820 Tabletop Gas Grill for kitchen, patio and outdoor cooking

If you are looking for a versatile cooking system which is able to expertly grill fine foods, then the megamaster All Foods Gas Grill is the best choice for you. The stainless steel loop burner guarantees a solid grilling performance. The heat distributing panel and porcelain coated iron cooking grates also guarantee excellent performance.

The grill is compact in size, which makes it ideal for smaller yards and patios. It also has folding stainless steel shelves and carries hurdles which make it convenient to carry to the beach or game. It has a unique Versatile Modular Grill Surface system, which is basically a series of interchangeable specialized grill surfaces built especially for frequently grilled foods, which includes veggies, pizzas, bread, and delicate foods.


1. It is portable and compact, making it an excellent tabletop gas grill
2. It features a heat distributing panel
3. It has a twist start ignition system
4. It features a modular grill surface system for interchangeable panels
5. It comes with a stainless steel lid
6. It measures 20 inches high and 28 inches wide and 13 inches deep
7. It comes with a folding stainless steel side shelve and carrying handles


1. It has great design
2. It is easy to see the temperature gauge
3. It has big cooking surface
4. It features quick ignition
5. It has porcelain coating which offers non-stick cooking


1. It may take some time to heat up to cooking temperature in very cold weather

8. Giantex Tabletop Propane indoor/outdoor Gas Grill

The Giantex 2-burner Stainless Steel Tabletop Grill is designed for BBQ grillers who want to grill on the go. The grill is equipped with two push and turn ignition burners which allows for swift and tranquil start-ups. It offers a combined power of 20,000 BTUs and can reach very high temperature quickly with each burner having the capacity of being independently adjustable.

The foldable legs and lockable lid on this best gas grill under 200 allows for easy transportation and storage. The grill is perfect for camping and dinner parties. You can easily enjoy your meal outside. It is certainly worth having.


1. Efficient burner system:
The grill comes with 2-burner system. The grill can reach a BTU rating of 20,000, which is good enough for grilling at home. Each of the burner comes with a separate control knob and an ignition system for easy start up.

2. Excellent Construction:
It is built of stainless steel which makes it quite convenient when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

3. Drip tray:
Located underneath the grill grate is the drip tray that collects extra juices, grease, fats, from the food that you are grilling, making it healthier.

4. Safety:
The lid of the grill has a built-in thermometer plus a lock system which further increases the safety of the grill. It also has pressure gauge, which allows you to know when there is too much pressure built up inside.


1. It comes with a pressure gauge
2. It has a lockable lid
3. It has a push and turn ignition


1. Some users have reported issues with the temperature control knob
2. It may not be able to sit level or square on its legs
3. The pressure gauge is not sealed correctly

9. Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner multipurpose Gas Grill with Side Burner

The Char-Broil Classic 360 is a unique 3-burner gas grill with capacity of delivering 30,000 BTU’s of heat across its 360 square inch cooking surface, making it capable of accommodating large meals for the whole family. It also comes with an 8,000 BTU side burner, which is ideal for sauces and sides.

It has a cooking surface that measures 26 inches in width and 14 inches in height, and has porcelain-coated grates which is perfect for preventing food from sticking, making it easy to clean. On the inside, there are three stainless steel in-line burners that are durable and delivers strong cooking performance.

It uses a Piezo ignition system which gives it fast and easy startups with just a push of a button. It has two metal side shelves for increased storage and prep space.


1. Ample cooking space:
The primary cooking space features porcelain-coated grates and measures 26 inches in width and 14 inches in height. This offers sufficient cooking space for about 15 burgers.

2. Warming rack:
It comes with a swing-away warming rack that provides a secondary cooking area, ideal for toasting buns. The warming rack measures 24 inches wide and 7 inches deep.

3. Stainless steel inline burners:
It has highly durable and long lasting inline burners which offers better high to low heat control

4. Porcelain-coated steel:
The grill lid and firebox are made of porcelain coated steel which offers it increased durability, allowing it to be capable of standing up to tough weather.

5. 8,000 BTU side burner:
The side burners can be used for warming sauces and side dishes which would complement the items that are being grilled.

6. Piezo ignition:
The Piezo ignition gives it fast and reliable burner startups with just a push of a button.

7. Wheels and side shelves:
It comes with 6inches wheel which guarantees increased mobility and a 12 inches Width and 13.5 inches deep durable metal side shelves which gives it ample prep space.


1. It is inexpensive and quite easy to use
2. It gives good heat output compared to its footprint size
3. It can be installed quite easily
4. It comes with fixed shelves which provides prep space


1. Uneven heat distribution
2. Low-end and cheap construction
3. Weak plastic wheels

10. Kenmore Outdoor Patio Gas BBQ Propane Grill

The Kenmore 3-burner patio gas grill on a budget is both spacious and stylish. It comes with a compact pedestal base offering 522 square inches of uncompromising cooking space while producing 30,000 BTU of power. It comes with a foldable side shelf which gives it efficient storage capacity when it is not in use plus plenty of shelf space for convenient food prep.

There are six tool hooks that allow for easy access to a cooking utensil, thereby making the grill an attractive option for smaller outdoor patio spaces. The propane tank is housed in the enclosed cabinet.

It also features electronic ignition for quick and easy lighting of the three premium stainless steel burners and porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates for even cooking and exceptional heat retention.


1. It has a porcelain coated firebox
2. It has a porcelain enamel lid
3. It has folding side shelves
4. It comes with temperature gauge in hood
5. It features an electronic ignition
6. It has an S.S. control panel


1. It has an impressive cooking surface
2. It comes with side burners
3. It has foldable side shelves
4. It has six tools hooks for holding cooking utensils
5. It can easily convert to natural gas
6. It starts very easily


1. Some users complain about the price
2. The electric starter sometimes develops fault
3. It has fixed, non-collapsible shelves

What To Consider When Buying Best Outdoor Gas Grills

With so many options of outdoor gas barbeque grills it can be quite easy to become overwhelmed and confused about which to pick. Eventually, you may just have to settle for a grill that has less features than you had in mind.

In order not to find yourself in such precarious situations, it is important that you be properly guided. Below is a simple guide of five things that you need to consider before buying a grill;

1. Brand reputation:
Before you go ahead to buy a grill one of the most important things to consider is the brand reputation. How long has the brand been in business?
Some of the things to look out for is the construction design, craftsmanship, and materials used.

These parameters is what marks the difference between a durable grill that is highly dependable and one that will perform poorly and may need to be replaced after a few years.
You should look for seamless construction of stainless steel with welded joints, this is one of the signs of a properly built grill.

2. Components and features:
Components and features are some of the things that you must look out for in a grill before you get lost on add-on features
Burners: 304 or cast stainless steel burners
Grates: 304 Stainless Steel Grates. Thicker grates gives better heat retention.
Grill cooking system: It can either be direct heat, indirect heat, or a combination of both
Stainless steel grade: 304 Stainless Steel Grill Body

Modern grills are something worth looking out for. They come with amazing features that are more advanced than ever. Some of these features include;
– Infrared burners
– Storage cabinet and drawers
– Side burners
– Side shelves for keeping spices and accessories handy

3. Warranty:
Warranty is one of the strongest measures of a company’s belief in their product. A company that has a strong belief in their product will offer great warranty.

Hence, the type and length of warranty offered is an important factor in making the right choice when buying a gas grill. It passes a message about the quality and expectations a manufacturer has for the performance and longevity of their grill.

4. Country of origin:
This may sound somewhat unusual but it is every but important. The country of origin of a grill goes a long way in determining its quality. American made products are reputed for their superior quality, this is because of the superb standard of American manufacturing.

Therefore buying American-made in the grill industry is highly preferred by consumers, particularly when it comes to durability and longevity.
However, if price plays a role in your decision, buying a grill that is made abroad may be your best option, as this helps to create a balance between value and quality.

5. Cooking surface:
If you have plans to majorly do large cookouts with your grill, then you are better off getting a grill with enough surface area to cook many things at the same time. However, if you only plan to cook for a small family then it isn’t smart economics to spend more for extra grill space.

Frequently Asked Questions When Buying Best Outdoor Gas Grills

1. How much is my budget?

Before you get into things like BTU and the source of your fuel, the very first question you need to ask yourself is how much can you afford to spend? Compared to charcoal grills, gas grills tend to be more expensive, typically starting at around $200 and can cost as much as $1000. Your budget will go a long way in determining the complexity of your gas grill.

2. How much cooking space do I need?

The very next thing to consider is how much cooking you plan to do at once. Are you thinking of just a few steaks for you and your other half or do you hope to regularly host the barbeque neighborhood party? If you are more for the latter then you would want a grill that can easily accommodate as much as 20 burgers at once. if you plan you host your party in your backyard or anywhere outside your house then you need to get an outdoor barbeque grill from great choice shared above with you.

3. How many burners do I need?

This is another factor that will be determined by the number of people you plan to cook for. The larger the group, the more the burners. Having multiple burners give you absolute control the cooking temperature, particularly when cooking for a large group.

However, it is important not to be too carried away by the number of burners and so not waste money. On average a grill with two to three burners is sufficient enough for an average griller. Some grills come with side burners. These are excellent for warming dishes, getting that perfect sear on a cob of corn or making sauce.

4. Infrared or convection?

While convection cooking heats your food by circulating hot air, infrared emit infrared waves which heats your food directly and reduce air circulation. The implication of this is that infrared cooking offers faster cooking time and allows food to retain more moisture.

Temperature can be easily adjustable when it comes to infrared technology, allowing you to steam veggies or roast a chicken without fear of burning it.

5. What will you be cooking most?

If you prefer a juicy cut of steak, then you might want to opt for a searing burner. This burner will give your meat a beautiful crust on the outside and a medium-rare center what would give you the feeling of a restaurant-quality dish.

Alternatively, if you like to roast your meats and veggies, then a rotisserie set is the best option for you. It would slowly roast your food, giving you a juicy, flavor-packed result. This would leave your guests wondering how you achieved that intense rotisserie flavor.

6. Do you want natural gas or propane gas?

The option of natural gas will only be open to you if you have gas line connected to your deck, pouch, or anywhere you want your grill to be. If you are not connected to a gas line and you don’t want to pass through the stress of adding one, then propane gas is your next option.

One of the benefits of having a gas line is that it saves you from having to worry about filling your tank. While one of the benefits of propane gas is that it gets hotter than natural gas.

7. How many BTUs do you need?

After you are done deciding to figure how you want to get your gas, next is to think about how powerful you want the heat to be. You are not expected to go for the grill with the highest BTUs, this would only use your fuel faster than it needs to. The recommended formula is between 80 to 100 BTUs per square inch of cooking space.

Benefits Of Buying Best Outdoor Gas Grills

1. It is ideal for people living in small houses or apartment:
Grills are typically gigantic and can take a lot of space. They are typically kept in the backyard. This is quite uncomfortable for those living in apartments or houses that do not have sufficient outdoor space. In such cases, the best alternative is a portable gas grill.

These grills are typically small, some may even fit inside a bowling bag. This makes it super easy to set up your portable grill outside your doorstep or in your patio and get your grilling done right there. It is however important that you seek the authorization of the apartment authorities, so you will be sure you are not breaking any rules.

2. It is easy to carry around:
Another major benefit of gas grills is portability. While a gas grill can be carried around with ease, this is virtually impossible to do with a regular, full-sized grill. In order to take it to the beach or camping, you would likely need a big car.

It is also awkward to carry around and set up. A portable gas grill, on the other hand, is easy to carry around as it is small and lightweight. It is also easy to set up and more convenient than charcoal grills.

3. It is not as messy as charcoal grills:
One challenge of the charcoal grill is that you would be left with no option but to carry bags of charcoal and lighter fluid around. But with gas grills, all you need to move around with is your portable grill and the appropriate size of the propane tank.

With a portable gas grill, you will be ready in a matter of minutes, this is contrary to the time it takes to set up a charcoal grill. But care must be taken to properly store the tank and prevent motion and vibration while moving it around.

4. It gives the right temperature:
A portable gas grill will give constant and steady even temperature which helps to prepare food more easily. On the contrary, a charcoal grill will take longer to heat up and will give flaunting temperatures.

You will have to constantly check the charcoal and may even have to fan the embers to prevent it from cooling down. For the compact gas grill, you won’t have to worry about it getting cool. It is also much easier to clean after cooking than charcoal.

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We all want a certain level of precision when grilling. If you are a novice griller you probably would just be contented with throwing your burger on the grill and allowing them to roast. But for someone with a good taste bud, this would not just cut it.

When you want to be more precise in how your food comes out then you need a grill that is going to let you get to that level. A charcoal grill cannot offer you such level of precision and taste. The only way to get such precision, temperature control and convenience are through a gas grill or good quality electric grill.

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